i am sure they will understand…

so this afternoon I had plans, good plans, plans I was proud of…I also have a cat…my cat is not like other cats, it’s not his fault, he is a rescue I adopted when he was around six months and they said he was brain damaged, I loved him then and still do now…except maybe at this present moment I would prefer he didn’t have his teeth attached quite deeply to my foot…which is luckily encased in a good strong boot so really his teeth are sunk quite deeply into my boot though this may be a tad pedantic)…and that’s not really what’s bothering me… it’s the wool.. he has destroyed my wool… the wool I was using to make my blankets (please look at my page hugs for the homeless especially if you knit or crochet thank you) and so I did try explaining to him, ‘dearest cat of mine’ I began… now I have a cat attached to my boot…… so instead here I am thinking well may as well put another item on the ole website thingy there, so please may I ask you to ignore the cat attached to my boot and look at this fabulous top instead; purple impossible cube long sleeve

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world.


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