that was the year, that was…

I got to thinking that 1976 was too good a year to visit so briefly, as it was almost 1977 and that my dear friend is a rather important year; ’77 was the year of punk…now personally speaking I was a little young and so it just missed me, at this point in my life I still thought the world was all in my own back yard and my horizons musically speaking hadn’t even gelled into a personal taste, I do have vague memories of being scared of young lads wearing what I could only describe to my mum at the time as ‘like mini kilts mam, but on top of their trousers’ how sweet, how young, how much did I love my mini kilt? in a short year or two I wouldn’t wear anything else! by the time I was old enough that music mattered to me I had fully embraced punk, but of course being the short lived experience it was at the time punk had moved out the building leaving a mess behind and we all embraced new romantics….and I loved every minute! to this day I still think that musically speaking I was very lucky, born in the middle of the sixties by this point in time I had so many genres and the choice was endless, and even more lucky at the time art/fashion also all undergoing paradigm shifts I could wear what I wanted and listen to a whole world of music. I was also about to discover people like depeche mode and shave my hair off; I am very lucky I got to be a teen in the 80s and that was an adventure !

celtic dragon pale 1;

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world.


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