i probably should get a camera or something…(+dress)

good mornings !

the best way I can describe it is, erm, like a kind of dusky mauve/pink sort of colour with a sort of pale grey/blue fading in and out. That, I am afraid my dear friend is the extent of my descriptive powers regarding the beautiful,though a little unsettling, sunrise greeting me through the window this morning. Thank you for visiting me on this cold and strangely coloured morning, I really need to get a camera as no one would believe those colours. Before you ask me why I don’t use my phone I shall tell you, to put it simply I don’t like phones, I especially don’t like mobile phones and the idea of one of those all singing, all dancing, all costing the same as small home, phones, is like some Dante inspired vision of hell to me. I own what my children laughingly refer to as a ‘burner’ phone, and yup I bought it deliberately! because I do not want anything more than the ability to text or call and I lose phones a lot, I mean a lot, and it cost me next to nothing, and still I don’t like it. You might also notice my phone does not have the ability to do pictures, I thought about possibly buying like a better phone just for the, but I hate the whole process of looking at them trying to decide which one to get, honestly I glaze over just having to think about it, so I hope you liked my highly detailed description of the sunrise (which has now transformed to lovely pale blue everywhere) and I also hope you like this, it’s one of my favourites; the delicious rainbow wolf dress;

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world.


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