it’s a secret…

yay it’s thank you time!

oooh tis a little excitingok let me explain my lovely friend, first thank you for visiting me , I really appreciate it, and anyone who reads my little posts will know I say that a lot. You see I do really appreciate it, I didn’t start this blog because I thought oh I want to try blogging, nope I started it because I am on a mission to build Arcadia Gardens and so every single person who visits, follows and supports me is supporting Arcadia Gardens and that is huge to me and obviously of the greatest importance to Arcadia Gardens. Arcadia Gardens would like to show good manners and say thank you, to show appreciation and out of respect, you might notice respect is at the very core of everything for me. Now where does the secret come in? Aaaah my lovely friend I shall tell you, from the first post I took notice of everything, I went looking for interesting people to follow and found new friends, and I decided on three criteria on which I would use as guidelines for the S.S.G. (super secret giveaway) the SSG is a small thank you gift from Arcadia Gardens to show appreciation for the supporters. The secret is …..I aint never going to tell you what them there criteria is now it is just small gift and I will tell you that roughly once a month a supporter will be picked based on the super secret criteria, they can be anywhere in the world and I will send it to them somehow. I will also tell you that each little thank you gift is unique it is not ever offered for sale and is purely designed and manufactured as a thank you gift from Arcadia Gardens. This time the thank you gift is ;

the arcadia gardens thank you cup

and the lovely supporter being sent this little gift is the very lovely

FLORA thank you Flora for being a wonderful supporter of Arcadia Gardens please email with a postbox/address etc so I can send you your thank you gift


  1. Flora's Week Show · January 12

    Awww Thankyou 🙂

    • fourtytwoweb · January 17

      you’re very welcome, (sorry it’s took me ages somehow i was replying in the wrong bit on wordpress )

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