quaillies today

yup i know absolutely not a quail…
these are though…

hiya and welcome my lovely friend, thank you for visiting me, hope fully you can now see in the video how my wee quaillies are today, Ferbie the warrior quail isn’t in the video he is in the habitat but just in another bit, there is three feeding points in there, one for prepared food, one for meal worms, and one for millet sprays, which they love, they also get watermelon as they love that, it’s mainly a summer thing though on a hot day it’s just so cute watching them all get excited over watermelon πŸ™‚ inside the main home area measures 8 ft by 10 ft for 6 quails and is completely safe from predators and it can, in the summer, lead to a more open area that’s around 12 ft long but only around 6 ft wide again over 6 ft tall so they can fly, during this winter though it has become rather waterlogged so until the swamp area, as I like to call it is sorted, they have their main home in which there is loads of space anyway. They are kept naturally so no forced lighting and completely seasonal laying, which means no eggs for a while now and we are looking forward to spring, soon as I get the first egg of this year I will try to remember to get my daughter to video it for me πŸ™‚ so thank you for looking at my 6 wee pampered quaillies and for a change I am not asking you to look at a piece of clothing, don’t worry normal service will be resumed shortly πŸ™‚ instead I am asking you to please visit a wonderful place here in the wordpress world;

* scented candles

thank you, I really appreciate your kindness dear friend I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Flora's Week Show · January 20

    I loved the video πŸ™‚

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    • fourtytwoweb · January 21

      thank you my fave lil quail in there are my lil penguins, they just look dark and white now but when i hatched them they were tiny penguins like 2 inch tall pingus! so completely adorable πŸ™‚ during this year and next i am going to get other types of quail too but first i want some silkie chickens they are just gorgeous! thank you my friend for chatting it’s always lovely to hear from you and i hope you have a wonderful day, respect

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