video play back stuff, ugh, (+top,F,)

hiya and welcome my friend, it is always good to see you, thank you for visiting I really appreciate you reading my posts, I hope you are enjoying a nice afternoon, and if you are might I suggest that you don’t attempt to learn about how to get your hard work and many hours of animation work to play back on your laptop, especially if like me you have just messed about in the settings section… honestly I have messed about so much not only can I not remember half of what I have clicked but now I can’t get giphy to play anything, ho hum, of course if you had other plans, more relaxed, maybe even normal sunday afternoon plans that perhaps didn’t induce a headache, then by all means carry on, luckily I do know they are working as my daughter checked on her laptop and phone, so definitely something I have done to my laptop. I also seem to be having a slight problem with time, I have been a day out for like three days, spent thursday thinking it was friday then saturday I thought was sunday thought I had caught up today but just had a text saying my delivery coming tomorrow and could have sworn it was due tuesday, not sure if it is because I seem to have discovered my ‘student’ phase, I spend all hours I can on computer and eat pot noodles, only times I stop is to feed something like my children and or pet, or my wee quaillies, 🙂 I have learned such a lot and can now say I know what a codec is…and as soon as someone mentions I need one I go pale and panic slightly, why can’t all the stuff be written in one language or whatever it s called , most of my time is spent converting stuff so another programme can use it. I know if I use blender I wouldn’t have to swap and change, and I am learning, but it’s like sooooooo complicated. I’m the sort of person that needs buttons that say click this and text goes fancy or click this and your scene will whoosh nicely into the next one and even better click this and you can have pretty flowers all over, but no I have to learn terms like tweening, please don’t ask, I don’t think I know, it all went swimmy in front of me and I had to take a break, thought I would come and visit the ole bloggyworld and see what’s happening 🙂 I will return to the murky world of how to get your music synced to your animation without it sounding like a war torn battle field of explosions and out of this world screeching sounds in blender, my dear friend please may I ask you to appreciate this gorgeous top lil panda

this item is produced by Cosmic Frog solely for Arcadia Gardens, a non profit group raising funds and working towards a better future for those with autism,
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