well I managed to get organised…(+top,f,)

well someone’s happy…

hiya and welcome my lovely it is as always good to see you, and in reference to our earlier conversation I managed to get organised, got loads done, which is good, did not yet adopt a rescue though, you see of all of us in this family we are quite equally split, some want a large dog, and some want a small one, I am sure the perfect dog will be there soon, we have had quite a few rescues over the years, my oldest has a little old dog rescued many years ago and my second daughter has a young rescue we got about two years ago, which is quite big, so we need one to fit in with those as well, while we look for our new dog I did find this adorable dog and although I can’t adopt him maybe you would like to see if you or someone you know might like to,

Liam was spotted in the public shelter, waiting for his death to come. He had nothing to live for, only eyes glimmering with hope, the saddest eyes we have seen. We took him out and he did not understand what was heppening to him at first, but slowly he started wagging his tail and make some funny noises. We then realised he knew, he knew he was never going back to that awful place again. Now he has something to hope for! A very good dog, good with others, only four years old, all preps done!

this dog and others are at the forgotten shelter may I also ask a small favour my friend? please would you consider this gorgeous top owl and roses;

this item is produced by Cosmic Frog solely for Arcadia Gardens, a non profit group raising funds and working towards a better future for those with autism,

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