proud cat momma

hiya and welcome my lovely friend, it’s good to see you, I hope you are well and I hope you have a good and productive monday 🙂 tis coffee and toast time for me so this is a quickie in the morning post however my friend today I have a little plan 🙂 I promised a wee while ago I would show you my quaillies enjoying their favourite activity so soon as I had me coffee and me toast (sorry sometimes I tend to slip into a mangled yorkshire accent on account of my mothers family being very much of yorkshire roots) yup soon as I am in full monday mode the youngest and I will attempt filming for you, though all film quality is down to my youngest and her phone as always. Should be fun 🙂 although two people can stand up in the habitat it wasn’t made for humans and so you have to avoid nests and branches etc for now my lovely friend may I ask you to consider this fabulous top, proud cat momma

this item is produced by Cosmic Frog solely for Arcadia Gardens, a non profit group raising funds and working towards a better future for those with autism,

My houseplants exploded while I was out today. Dog says she didn’t see what happened, but she put a blanket on it just to be safe.”

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  1. annieasksyou · February 1


    I stopped by to welcome you to annieasksyou; I’m so pleased to have you with me. And I was met with that beautiful floral opening and that super photo of your pup’s housekeeping. Great fun!


    • fourtytwoweb · February 1

      hiya 🙂 lovely to meet you thank you for visiting and especially for chatting 🙂 right now my cat is sat right under my chin, making it very difficult to type, 🙂 and his purr is so loud i think it’s rattling my ears 🙂 i hope you have a lovely evening/ day , we are evening here in uk and a huge thank you for your kind words, i do hope my cat moves soon 🙂 respect

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