tis a tad cold out there… (+top,f,)

hiya and welcome my lovely friend, thank you for visiting, firstly let me apologise we tried to take a video of the quail and for the first time ever they refused to do anything, maybe it’s the cold but right now they just like eating and snuggling on the hay, so I gave them fresh hay and food etc and it’s too cold for me to stay out the back for long as I still have this ear infection, for now I am back on resting but I do feel tired so for once I am not arguing about having to rest 🙂

my friend may I please ask you to consider this top, flamingo and ice lollies

this item is produced by Cosmic Frog solely for Arcadia Gardens, a non profit group raising funds and working towards a better future for those with autism,

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Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world


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  1. hellosamanthadear · February 2

    Love the pretty photos you post here on your blogs!! And isn’t it fun to discover new music?? I love the flamingo top! I love the gradient colors, they’re so pretty!

    • fourtytwoweb · February 2

      hiya ahh i am so glad you said that i was worried i was ‘being myself’ too much i get told to be more ‘mainstream’ it’s challenging for me though because i just start with one thing and then end up with something completely different cos i cant resist playing with colours and patterns and… and i adore all things cute! flamingos are very cute! for me cute and pastel i love it and i tend to design what i love 🙂 i love lace i love stripes i love victorian everything flows in my brain and just kind of erupts in a thousand designs 🙂 i have to literally make myself stop and go do the things i am supposed to be doing the hours just whoosh by before i know it its dark ! lovely to chat with you my friend have a lovely evening respect

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