tap dancing? gotcha, roller skates, yup not a problem

yeah but can you do it with skates on?

hiya and welcome my friend to my ‘trying not type’ day, though I have discovered if I put my leg out on an odd angle I can use laptop a bit better 🙂 where’s there’s a will… still can’t share a product because I would have to sit up to use video editor and I can’t sit up here’s a man tap dancing in roller-skates instead

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is separator.png

thank you for visiting my friend I really appreciate and I hope you have a great day



  1. hellosamanthadear · February 3

    Oh my gosh I recognize that actor!! ❤️ I’ve seen him in another film before from the 1960’s. I can barely even roller skate without losing my balance; I am amazed he can do all that!

    • fourtytwoweb · February 4

      good morning and yes I am feeling much better tank you for your lovely kinds words, when i was little we only had one pair of skates in our street so we used to wear one skate each link arms and skate badly together up and down the street … there wasn’t much to do in the olden days 🙂 thank you visiting my friend i really appreciate it i hope you have a really lovely day respect

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