and now for the experts (+dress)

hiya and welcome my lovely friend, so far I have shared the dancing on skates, the dancing noses, but those were just little fun pieces, now for some serious and expert dancing, these guys are the best I have ever seen

I love most forms of dance, especially when it is expertly and superbly performed. I hope you enjoyed this my friend and thank you for being patient with me through my ‘go slow’ I am now in an almost sitting upright position and I reckon by tomorrow I should be tickety boo and might even be able to get some more designing done for now though please may I ask you to consider this dress, ladybirds 1

no longer available

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  1. Flora's Week Show · February 4

    the cat on the bag though 🙂 my cat has a cat-sized bed and she is still sleeping on my bed

    • fourtytwoweb · February 4

      same here! mine has cat trees, fancy cat cushions, cat caves, and every time he prefers a cardboard box i have one kept just for him but the last cat tree aarrgh that cost me a lot of money and he has used it maybe once 🙂 even then i think it was just to show me that he could use it but chooses not to 🙂 have an excellent day my lovely friend respect

  2. hellosamanthadear · February 5

    Ahh the classic black dress!! Love it with the little red circles in the middle. ❤️❤️❤️

    • fourtytwoweb · 27 Days Ago

      hiya, those little circles are ladybirds but unfortunately the detail isn’t able to be seen too well on the video, and I designed/drew such nice wee ladybirds, however i have to make the videos that way so they fit nicely on instagram, i will quickly point out that my youngest is head of ig department so i know nothing i simply make the stuff send it to her and she does ig magic 🙂 but yup they are little ladybirds, on account i like ladybirds, and i am pretty sure they’re lucky 🙂 they can be seen fine on the product so i don’t mind too much but i am thinking of involving some kind of close as i have designed another little black dress with little sugar skulls slightly different to this but i have a feeling the little sugar skulls will not be clear on their video, aahh well tis all a learning curve that i am enjoying and if you go back a month ~yup I have just finished my first month! but if you go back a month i didnt even know how to make a little video so i am pleased with how well its all going, have a fab day my lovely friend, respect

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