hiya! thank you for visiting my friend, it is always good to see you here, and I have good news, a little over a week ago we gained a new voluntary worker and they have settled in really well, a valuable and important part of the family a big thank you for the good work! they run the instagram and I am so glad I still do not have a phone that can do such things and if I did I would not have the time so I am very grateful, and also over the past couple of days two more voluntary workers have joined us so a sigh of relief and much gratitude from me!

a big thank you to all of us, including me 🙂 our little family is growing and it helps me enormously and it is wonderful to know people who share the same vision and who are willing to give their time without payment, I am truly grateful. Yesterday one of our lovely volunteers helped produce the following video, and this video I am quite excited to show you. As I have always said quality of the product is vastly important and so as mentioned before with each design a sample is ordered, it is worn as normal, and when I say normal I mean normal from cleaning out quails to cooking for teens I expect a lot from my clothes! also the sample is washed/spun and dried in a tumble dryer so to see how it fairs, the washer used is a twin tub, and then finally I decide if it’s passed all the tests. I also wanted to show the clothes on a real person, because the mock up provided when the design is transferred to product is always the same model and I like to see them on different people with different body shapes, with that in mind this video is the yin yang leggings (not 3 yin yang) after passing all tests and worn by a lovely voluntary worker and filmed(sort of there was a couple of technical amusements which meant in the end only the stills were used but it’s early days and all very excitng) by our newest voluntary worker

I am so proud and so grateful I think they achieved some lovely work! I particularly love that they managed to include a close up of the pattern, something I had wanted as the pictures on the blog were not clear enough and it was so much fun! in the near future there is more videos planned and hopefully a little fashion show, exciting stuff 🙂 for now as is quite usual I am so busy my thanks and gratitude to every one who supports Arcadia Gardens (I’m not crying really…just my eyes got emotional at the thought of all the lovely people)

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world



  1. Flora's Week Show · February 17

    Wonderful video! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • fourtytwoweb · February 17

      hiya lovely its wonderful to see you hope you have had a good day, thank you for lovely comment i completely agree i was so happy with pictures and how it all turned out i am also glad other people understand technology i find it quite challenging ! i will stick to designing pretty clothes 🙂 let the others do the clever stuff, this is a late night for me but happy as i got a lot done hope you have a nice evening, you have my full respect

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