electric blue dragonfly

hiya! thank you for visiting my friend, I hope you’re enjoying a lovely day my friend, it’s remarkably warm and sunny here and the birds are singing, it’s all rather wonderful 🙂 just a quick post to say my friend may I please ask you to consider this new design electric blue dragonfly, available in sizes xs to 6xl eventually 🙂 for now though etsy will show a size 14 and a size 4xl later today, possibly, or tomorrow, that could be a thing…

this item is produced by Cosmic Frog solely for Arcadia Gardens, a non profit group raising funds and working towards a better future for those with autism,

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world



  1. Flora's Week Show · February 19

    Lately my cat has been sleeping next to me and I find it more calming to go to sleep 😀

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    • fourtytwoweb · February 19

      hiya lovely to see you my cat is not allowed to sleep on my bed because when he does he waits til like 3am then bites my toes to wake me up, so he sleeps in my daughters room for some reason i am the only one he likes to nibble the toes of 🙂 i think he thinks it will make me wake up and feed him 🙂 have a lovely evening, respect

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