just a quick yay!

just a quick YAY! first though thank you for dropping by my friend it is good to see you, ok the yay! you see it is all my fault so I hold my hands up my fault, see I am supposed to do me physio every day but some days, I don’t, you can say what you like about physio, damn good stuff, but in all honesty, it’s bloody painful, I mean really painful, so some days I just, don’t, but it had got to the point I could not lift my left arm, I need my left arm. So I forced myself, the air was quite blue, the rather loud curse words spoken would have made your granny scold me, but each day I have forced myself, and… today I can lift my arm as far as my chin! just done it now πŸ™‚ so it’s a yay, need to chill now though, like I said, it bloody hurts.

think chocolate might help

and ovaltine πŸ™‚

i try to make up for it with my personality…probably shouldn’t…


  1. KINDNESS WISDOM · February 24



  2. Cathy Cade · February 24

    My sympathies.
    Just go as far as you can then stop. Tomorrow it will go a bit further – you won’t notice the difference, but by next week it will be higher. And hurt less.
    Yesterday I overdid it 😦

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    • fourtytwoweb · February 24

      hiya its so nice to meet you thank you for your kind comment and you are right, today i was good and did my physio early i usually procrastinate a while πŸ™‚ but the recent scare of not being able to lift my arm has really taught me a lesson so i am being brave the condition resets back to zero over night, i have ehlers so soon as i go to sleep it all goes back to not working so have to do physio every day now whether i like it or not it will not get much higher than my nose but the fact i can raise it all is fab, i use crutches/wheelchair to get around so definitely need both my arms πŸ™‚ i am sorry to hear you are suffering today, the temptation to go for it is strong, i know that feeling, i hope you recover quickly and i hope you have a wonderful day, respect

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  3. Cathy Cade · February 24

    I had to go look up Ehlers. That souds rough, but I can see why you need your arms working.
    I just have age-related joint-seizing-up, exacerbated by being stupid about how much I could lift when we moved and how long I could crouch over the garden yesterday (but then, we have to make the most of days that aren’t actually raining… )
    Good luck with that physio!

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