live from the living room…

hiya and thank you for visiting please forgive the plain looking post, it has been a long day, no product tonight as i have not been able to get anything done due to the events of the day, just in brief. a man broke into my garden , difficult to do as the way the houses are arranged my garden is surrounded by gardens of other houses, there is no way in without entering from or through one of the other gardens, i watched him use a ladder and enter from one of the neighbouring gardens, he was a big bloke and violent, and a bit odd, he cut down all my bird feeders and threw them about the garden, he stole stuff, and worst of all he did something to my quails, i was here but hiding scared upstairs, soon as he went i brought my quails in but one is missing, so the quails that are left, only five now, are now living in my bedroom, the only safe place because i have a cat and my room is only room that the door can be shut properly, so i now have to sleep on the sofa, my room isn’t big enough for the quails and myself, so here i am live from the living room, and still heart broken over my lost quail, this leads to i have also begun to look for another place to live as sleeping on this sofa is not good for me. i hope you have had a better day today and i hope we all have a lovely day tomorrow,



  1. Cathy Cade · March 8

    I hope they catch him; he clearly needs treatment. Hope you bounce back quickly and find a safer place.

    • fourtytwoweb · March 8

      hiya thank you, your words mean a lot to me, its more complicated than i have wrote here it is a problem that has been since i moved here, now though it has become beyond what i will live with, i am looking for a place and as soon as something is available i will move, i have many boxes packed i am ready as soon as somewhere happens, today has been nice and quiet and i am more settled than yesterday, i was shaking all day, i suffer with cptsd and this set off an attack but luckily i felt a lot better this morning and looking forward to finding somewhere new to live onwards and upwards! thank you so much for visiting and your kind words made me feel better, i hope you have a lovely day, you have my full respect

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