scene taken from the adventures of fortunakiss
scene taken from the adventures of fortunakiss

hiya and a big thank you for visiting, I hope you’re having a wonderful day, this is one of the latest to go in the shop and it’s named clodagh

this item is available at COSMIC FROG DESIGNS produced by Cosmic Frog solely for Arcadia Gardens, a non profit group raising funds and working towards a better future for those with autism,

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world



  1. hellosamanthadear · April 13

    Love love love all your new designs, they are fabulous, and this skirt is definitely a favorite!! Love the pinks and greens, very fitting for spring! Have a lovely day! ☕️💕

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    • fourtytwoweb · April 13

      hiya lovely thank you your words are as always most welcome and and i must admit i am definitely enjoying a super creative streak right now and loving it 🙂 got another roughly twenty designs ready to go just need to do videos for them and i learned how to do green screen etc i have been learning so much on video stuff that my videos have no choice but to improve 🙂 when i think back to january and the first videos i did ugh! i am so glad i learn fairly quickly 🙂 now i just need to learn to rest, maybe eat once in a while… i am so lucky those that are my nearest and dearest understand and dont mind my constant obsessive work/telling the computer that not only have i clicked the right clicky thing but that it should get its act together and stop complaining about having to work on huge amounts of pixels, me and my wee laptop have a good relationship reminiscent of an old couple who have been together so long they can only communicate through bickering, i scold my laptop and my laptop laughs and takes half an hour to open my files 🙂 or if i push it too much it will just crash right out on me for an hour, always forgives me though, it’s a cheap laptop but i never let that get in the way 🙂 i just let it cool down then say ok if you stopped sulking perhaps we can do some work now… yup i talk to my wee laptop more than any human though i am not sure that is a good thing 🙂 i hope you have an excellent day my gorgeous friend thank you for visiting i always love seeing you , respect

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