i’m tired…

very tired, and things hurt, I have been doing this non-stop every single day, every minute I can, since January, and I think I need a little rest, there is only me, I have a lovely young volunteer who posts my instagram for me and everything else from designing to making videos, researching grants and funding,(not going as well as I had hoped) to running all the social platforms it’s me, and I am tired, so for today I am going to only make one video and run a random sale then I shall rest, a day or so will do it, whether I like it or not I have to remember the whole I’m disabled thing, and right now I am exhausted, please bear with me though a good rest and I will be right as rain, I have to keep going there is so much to do, I would really like see enough sales by the end of the year to not only buy the first(of many) building to house a young person with autism but to also be in a position to take on an apprentice(again first of many), Arcadia Gardens has plans to offer not only places to live and thrive but places of employment as well, and if I don’t pull me socks up and get on with things then it will take much longer than I want it to, so a day of rest and back to it. I would really like to thank all of you who support me through this blog, of all social platforms this blog is my favourite and I think of it as home, and that is thanks to the lovely friends I have made here, a huge thank you, you have no idea how much I appreciate your support, also a thank you to those new followers that have followed me from twitter it is wonderful to have your support, twitter can be a scary place, I am new to it and have suffered shock on more than one occasion, so thank you if you are one of my valued twitter supporters, also if any of my lovely blogger friends have twitter accounts let me know I will follow and if you want anything retweeting I will do it, I am getting the hang of it all now:) so let’s have a random dirty thirty sale ๐Ÿ™‚ (30% off for 24 hours applies any item)

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world


all images/artwork; FortunaKiss (stills from the adventures of FortunaKiss)

all clothes; Cosmic Frog,

all rights reserved

and all the love from; Arcadia Gardens


  1. eskipix · 18 Days Ago

    Well done you for recognising you need to look after you. Rest properly and give yourself much love. X

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    • fourtytwoweb · 18 Days Ago

      thank you lovely it’s good to hear from you i hope everything is going well for you and yup if I have to recognise when to rest I am sole carer for my son and of course mum to his three sisters so as mum and carer I have to make sure i am in the best shape i can be my son and his sisters need me, i shall now drink ovaltine and then sleep:) thank you for your kindness and your support and for being a friend i appreciate you, have a truly excellent day, respect

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  2. hellosamanthadear · 17 Days Ago

    You have big dreams and that is very admirable!! But some rest will do you good; it is good to let yourself rest and reset so you can be productive again. Enjoy your little break my friend! โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ’•

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    • fourtytwoweb · 16 Days Ago

      hiya beautiful always wonderful to see you and i will tell you that i tried ๐Ÿ™‚ i did rest a bit, honest ๐Ÿ™‚ your words my wonderful friend are as always most welcome and what give me courage and confidence, a huge thank you, i am grateful to have found a friend in you, and right now my cat is singing me the song of his people, very loudly, i guess i best feed him ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope you have a truly excellent day my friend, you have my full respect

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      • hellosamanthadear · 15 Days Ago

        Thank you so much my friend!! Iโ€™m glad you got some rest! And Iโ€™m so happy my words help you. โค๏ธ Hahaha your cat, how funny!! ๐Ÿ˜บ I hope you have a great day! โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ’•

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  3. William · 16 Days Ago

    Take your time to enjoy after work. You will feel a lot better and getting energy for the next day.

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