why are All your items limited edition?

🙂 this is a good question 🙂 so the quick easy answer is;

me 🙂

let me elaborate a little, can’t knock a bit of elaborating 🙂 so as I’ve mentioned before for each finished design in the shop, well it started life as many scribbles/sketches/musings by myself and these number anywhere from ten to fifty preliminaries, then all the ideas sketches etc I play around with and from my art editor I will have around ten to twenty ‘layers’ which I then upload to a generator , from this I will store around ten ‘mock ups’ and then using the generator i will decide on a final finished item, this is sent to the print company who print/cut/sew the item. Now from all of this you may, or may not, have gathered I am not good at making decisions 🙂 I can not decide which colour/pattern/product I like best, because I like them all 🙂 however this does mean I am apt to decide a finished product I was previously happy with, well now I am not, so whoosh 🙂 it vanishes 🙂 just like that 🙂 and because this can sometimes happen within hours, and I do mean hours, I have put one item up in the shop took it down again just over an hour later. So this is something I am used to, but others aren’t 🙂 and rather than saying each time, ok I quite like this now but in as little as an hour I may not, it’s a lot easier to say ‘limited edition… 🙂 and so that, my dear friend is why every single item is limited edition 🙂 it may be a good idea if I mention at this point, that, um I deleted over twenty items this morning, sorry, on the upside though I did upload a load of new stuff, and because so many have asked about FortunaKiss I have now included cups and postcards in FortunaKiss merch that’s it though, I may do a blanket in the future depending on how the sample order turns out.

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world


all images/artwork; FortunaKiss (stills from the adventures of FortunaKiss)

all clothes; Cosmic Frog,

all rights reserved

and all the love from; Arcadia Gardens

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