kisses two

good morning! a big thank you for visiting us here tis very much appreciated, another day of rain, that’s me happy 🙂 and another super busy day so best get on 🙂 through the coming week I am expecting to become even more busy so please bear with me while I achieve everything that needs to be achieved, your patience and compassion I am very much grateful for, I will try to post when I can, I will keep uploading to the shop, still got hundreds to upload 🙂 and soon as everything is sorted then it’s full steam ahead! many designs to be created, and there is that sewing machine I fell in love with to achieve, and the finishing of the statement hat and that’s after researching and preliminary inquiries into grants/fuding etc, I think I have found one group I may apply too, not sure yet and the forms look scary 🙂 I am hoping they will help me achieve part of my ambitions to employ people and form apprenticeships, the area of training/ apprenticeships for those with challenges, autism or other, is literally soul crushing, it can be difficult enough for a person of any age without challenges, to add in anything extra such as the challenge of autism just melts my brain in all honesty. So not only will Arcadia Gardens offer employment and apprenticeship opportunities but will include a place with inspired learning opportunities, similar to a college but with much more support and a totally different way of teaching, my oldest daughter when she was just a wee bairn I paid much money for her to attend montessori, and it is largely that teaching that will be the inspiration of all learning places within Arcadia Gardens. As a basic method it is much more in tune with our ideals, however in the uk montessori only offers for ages up to 5, in Arcadia Gardens we intend to use the Montessori as inspiration and then take it and adapt to each situation we face in general, autism has one constant and that is every person with autism is individual so every situation is individual, what works for one may trigger another, Montessori uses one to one learning and that along with other ideas I have will form the basis of inspired learning. Arcadia Gardens in its formative years will be there for people with autism age 18 and over, so the learning is to include choices and opportunities for each person to follow whatever dream we can help them achieve, you want to be a sculptor? go for it we will find you sculpting stuff, you want to be a dj? let’s see how we can help you achieve that, in short my children and I have experienced the education system from primary to university and we have learned all to take all those traumatic experiences and produce a place of learning where people will feel safe, inspired, listened to, with individual learning based on individual time elements. It is quite different to the system available now and I am sure this is what will help everyone. Inspired learning places will be designed along quite radical lines that I am sure will surprise some, we live in a new world now and new designs and new methods should explored, a new way of thinking needs to be embraced where education and housing is to be in this new world, because I know that all I have experienced can and will be very much improved upon. Arcadia Gardens is different, and that’s because we intend to be. Right now though it is ovaltine time so my dear friend may I please say ‘look here is some leggings you may like, they are named kisses two’


design- kisses two {sizes 2xl to 6xl}

produced by Cosmic Frog

shipping;- [US free] [UK £3] [EU £3] [elsewhere £6] buy now-

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world


all images/artwork; FortunaKiss (stills from the adventures of FortunaKiss)

all clothes; Cosmic Frog,

all rights reserved

and all the love from; Arcadia Gardens

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