just a quick yay!

just a quick YAY! first though thank you for dropping by my friend it is good to see you, ok the yay! you see it is all my fault so I hold my hands up my fault, see I am supposed to do me physio every day but some days, I don’t, you can say what you like about physio, damn good stuff, but in all honesty, it’s bloody painful, I mean really painful, so some days I just, don’t, but it had got to the point I could not lift my left arm, I need my left arm. So I forced myself, the air was quite blue, the rather loud curse words spoken would have made your granny scold me, but each day I have forced myself, and… today I can lift my arm as far as my chin! just done it now 🙂 so it’s a yay, need to chill now though, like I said, it bloody hurts.

think chocolate might help

and ovaltine 🙂

i try to make up for it with my personality…probably shouldn’t…

it’s been a long day…(+thank you)

hiya and welcome my lovely friend, it is very nice to see you thank you for visiting me, and right now I appreciate it more than usual, it has been a stressful day which I am grateful to say is over and I can now relax, I do love night time, my doors are locked, all my children are happy and well and my chores are done, 1,2,3, and relax 🙂 so yes to see a visit from a friend is always good and helps dissipate the stress of today, see I feel better already! thank you,

earlier I decided it must be time to send a thank you gift to one of the lovely supporters of Arcadia Gardens so time for a little fanfare; ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce that

* the big hair diaries (samantha dear) is the lovely supporter to receive a thank you gift from Arcadia Gardens and this time the gift is black cosmic frog vest (this is a not for sale item only produced by cosmic frog as a thank you gift) so please will the lovely samantha dear email me at a_gardens@yahoo.com with details of where to send your gift, hope you like it!

I hope my friend that you give the lovely samantha dear website a visit, lovely lovely person and lovely blog! and now I feel much better thank you for being here and no product this evening I am tired and simply wished to say thank you, I need to rest now, stress is not good for anyone, and for me one of the best ways on an evening to de-stress is to watch ghost hunters 🙂 or ghost movies, so that’s what I shall do now.

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world


super support person being supportive…

and the trophy goes to…super support person at wp support yay !

hiya! ok I confess I am not the worlds most tech savvy person, and I readily admit I should not be left alone with a page full of clickable buttons, thing is my lovely little webby/bloggy/thingy I have here said oh here you go, you’re admin, you get to have a special section, called…wait for it… admin, in which there are many sections, with many buttons to click, and choices to make that you can then forget what you chose, or what button you clicked, go now little one, have fun,… and I did,…. and I broke stuff… the temptation was too much I tell you, it’s not fair to put such a weak one as I in a whole section of clickables, so three days now, that’s how long I had problems, couldn’t scroll, couldn’t access my posts, got my webby/bloggy thing saying you have no posts, I DO! I would cry forlornly at the laptop, who as always remained non-commital on the whole subject, why, anyone would think Mr laptop had seen me in similar situations in the past…suffice it to say I tentatively open support chat and whilst looking sheepishly at my feet, yeah I know they couldn’t see that, I confessed I had broke the scrolling thingy and I had broke the posts thingy and I needed sleep and ..and…and lovely support person was nice, said nice soothing words, lovely support person fixed everything, and now I can scroll yay! so a huge thank you to lovely support person, who is very patient with slightly weird little ole English woman trying to explain how they broke stuff, turns out I had in fact done something I would never have known that was what I did wrong, so three days ago I was writing a post and couldn’t get the one of only two reusable blocks I had saved to work, in the end I gave up and just posted anyway, somehow lovely support person worked put I had managed to place a reusable block inside another reusable block, I have no idea how I did but then I am amazed I get all this to work anyway! learning new skills at 55 yeah go me 🙂 possibly should have learned some of those skills just tad earlier in my life but hey ho doing it now 🙂 so my dear friend, the moral of the tale is don’t put a reusable block inside a reusable block, or if you like me you have no idea why your blog has post problems then chat to the lovely support person and they will fix it

quaillies today

yup i know absolutely not a quail…
these are though…

hiya and welcome my lovely friend, thank you for visiting me, hope fully you can now see in the video how my wee quaillies are today, Ferbie the warrior quail isn’t in the video he is in the habitat but just in another bit, there is three feeding points in there, one for prepared food, one for meal worms, and one for millet sprays, which they love, they also get watermelon as they love that, it’s mainly a summer thing though on a hot day it’s just so cute watching them all get excited over watermelon 🙂 inside the main home area measures 8 ft by 10 ft for 6 quails and is completely safe from predators and it can, in the summer, lead to a more open area that’s around 12 ft long but only around 6 ft wide again over 6 ft tall so they can fly, during this winter though it has become rather waterlogged so until the swamp area, as I like to call it is sorted, they have their main home in which there is loads of space anyway. They are kept naturally so no forced lighting and completely seasonal laying, which means no eggs for a while now and we are looking forward to spring, soon as I get the first egg of this year I will try to remember to get my daughter to video it for me 🙂 so thank you for looking at my 6 wee pampered quaillies and for a change I am not asking you to look at a piece of clothing, don’t worry normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂 instead I am asking you to please visit a wonderful place here in the wordpress world;

* scented candles

thank you, I really appreciate your kindness dear friend I hope you have a wonderful day!

it’s a snoliencorn…


it’s a wee bit early here, too early for me to play tunes and still remain friends with my neighbours, so instead I thought I would share with you my efforts at showing my children how much fun snow can be, it didn’t work, amid complaints of how cold it was I was left on my own trying to play with snow. So some of you may be getting to know me a little by now and to build an ordinary snowman is just, so, boring. So I built a snow-alien-unicorn, I think that would be a snoliencorn, I like it so I am sticking with it. It’s a little difficult to think of a way to slide from a snoliencorn to the next item so I will just say; Here is the second item named blue geo 1

this item is produced by Cosmic Frog solely for Arcadia Gardens, a non profit group raising funds and working towards a better future for those with autism,


excited about 2021 !

I won’t reflect on 2020, I always believe in looking forwards, and I believe this new year will be exciting and full of opportunities. I wish for everyone that this new year brings love, inner peace and many good reasons to be happy.

show those you love that you love them

show yourself the same love

time is the most precious thing we have and the only real time we have is right now, make it count