Arcadia Gardens

“When I was younger all I wanted was to create the most beautiful garden I could, then I had four amazing children and my dreams grew…”

Arcadia Gardens has many aims, and all are important, combining a beautiful garden paradise with purpose built homes and leisure/social/shopping areas, the dreams of one woman of creating a safe haven for her children. The ethos will be based on respect for all living things and self sufficiency will be a large area of importance. Solar power along with wind turbines and possibly hydro-power will all be utilised where feasible, all energy consumption will be from the villages own renewable energy sources. All building work to be natural products where possible aiming to have a zero carbon footprint and zero emissions.

Arcadia Gardens is in the exciting planning stage, first suitable land must be found, looking at the moment in the UK with a view to building further Arcadia Gardens in other countries, the land will be extensively planted and the buildings will be purpose built to provide in as much as is possible a safe,peaceful,practical life for those with autism and their carers. Aiming to help create places that give a person the ability to be;
  • self sufficient
  • independent
  • employed within a safe environment
  • sociable in a friendly relaxed atmosphere

the village is the main project however Arcadia Gardens has other projects too follow us to find out more !

Arcadia Gardens along with Cosmic Frog are not for profit all items are sold purely to raise funds to achieve the projects undertaken