it’s been a long day…(+thank you)

hiya and welcome my lovely friend, it is very nice to see you thank you for visiting me, and right now I appreciate it more than usual, it has been a stressful day which I am grateful to say is over and I can now relax, I do love night time, my doors are locked, all my children are happy and well and my chores are done, 1,2,3, and relax 🙂 so yes to see a visit from a friend is always good and helps dissipate the stress of today, see I feel better already! thank you,

earlier I decided it must be time to send a thank you gift to one of the lovely supporters of Arcadia Gardens so time for a little fanfare; ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce that

* the big hair diaries (samantha dear) is the lovely supporter to receive a thank you gift from Arcadia Gardens and this time the gift is black cosmic frog vest (this is a not for sale item only produced by cosmic frog as a thank you gift) so please will the lovely samantha dear email me at with details of where to send your gift, hope you like it!

I hope my friend that you give the lovely samantha dear website a visit, lovely lovely person and lovely blog! and now I feel much better thank you for being here and no product this evening I am tired and simply wished to say thank you, I need to rest now, stress is not good for anyone, and for me one of the best ways on an evening to de-stress is to watch ghost hunters 🙂 or ghost movies, so that’s what I shall do now.

Thank you to all our supporters; every reader, every customer, every friend of Arcadia Gardens is truly appreciated, together we can build a better world